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All About Genesis

Vitaklenz is just the start of the story for Genesis Health Products.

Starting as a small family business in Australia in the late 1990's, Genesis has expanded to become one of the foremost distributors of health products in the world.

Genesis maintains offices and warehousing in Australia and the United States, and has distributorships throughout Asia and Europe. There's a good chance that Genesis products are in your own backyard!

And what exactly are Genesis products?

Well you're no doubt familiar with Vitaklenz by now.

The Vitaklenz range is world-renown as the foremost anti-parasitic and anti-candida treatment now available.

Parasites, you say? That's right. With over 90% of all adults in the world hosting some form of parasite at any one time, as well as the ugly threat of candida yeast infestations, Vitaklenz addresses one of the world's most under-recognized health threats.

And there's a pretty good chance that you too could benefit in some way from a course of Vitaklenz.

You can read more on Vitaklenz here ...


Genesis Ionic Sea Minerals

Question: How many of us are mineral deficient? Answer: Everyone.

Mineral deficiencies are at the heart of many major health threats. They deplete our energy, inhibit our ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients, and undermine the body's most basic defence mechanisms.

So what's so different about Genesis Sea Minerals?

They are from the sea - naturally harvested from the pristine ocean waters in the Great Barrier Reef region of Australia.

Ocean water contains over 100 minerals and trace elements in a very complex combination. And do you know what is the most amazing thing about this natural formula? It is virtually identical to the mineral constituency of human blood plasma.

That can't be a coincidence.

Further to that, naturally harvested minerals from ocean water are also ionic. This means that the mineral particles are small and easy to absorb (smaller even than colloidal minerals). Ions are also charged - they are attracted to the inner lining of your small intestines, where all nutrients are absorbed, like a magnet is to metal.

The official Genesis Ionic Sea Minerals website is here


Jungle Balm

This product is absolutely unique. Unlike other pain-relieving preparations that are cooked up by scientists in a lab (or perhaps even a kitchen -eek!), Jungle Balm comes to you straight from the tree - just as nature intended. And with a fast acting numbing action (pain relieved in anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes), there is nothing in the world quite like Jungle Balm.

Read all about Jungle Balm at the official website here


The important role that Genesis plays

No one needs another vitamin company. Genesis Health Products is proactive in building awareness for little recognized health threats and products that address them. We help educate people about their health choices. Consumers and professionals alike are provided with a high level of support including quality information on the background of our products.


Thanks for stopping by

So here at Genesis we are committed to natural health solutions for natural people. It makes sense. Our products will address certain serious conditions, but primarily focus on keeping you healthy.

We love what we do. Feel free to drop us a line at anytime - our contact details are clearly identified on every page, as is our mailing address.

And thanks for trusting us to help you manage the health of the most important people in the world - your family!

Warm regards,

The team at Genesis.




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