Frequently Asked Questions

What is a parasite?

A parasite is a life form that survives off its host, including worms, bacteria, protozoa and amoeba. Parasites often work by stealth—you probably don’t even notice their presence. In the meantime they rob your system of nutrition, loading you down with their excretions and secretions.


How dangerous are parasites?

Parasites can pose a serious health threat. Parasitic worms may result in poor absorption of nutrients, and can contribute to fever, abdominal pain and anaemia.

Disease-causing bacterial parasites (pathogens) include those causing tetanus, tuberculosis and syphilis.


What is Candida?

Yeasts are microorganisms that live on the surfaces of all living things, including fruits, vegetables, grains and your skin. They make up part of the "microflora" that contribute to your health.

Yeast is in fact nutritious and small amounts of yeasts give bread its good yeasty taste. Yeast is a kind of fungus. Mildew, mold, mushrooms and candida are all names that are used to describe different types of yeast.

One family of yeasts, Candida albicans, normally lives on the inner warm creases and crevices of your digestive tract and vagina.

When your immune system is strong, candida yeasts cause no problems.  But when you take broad-spectrum antibiotics these drugs knock out friendly germs while they're knocking out enemies. Candida isn't affected by antibiotics, so they multiply and raise large families.

These yeasts put out toxins that weaken the immune system.


How do I know if I have parasites?

  • abdominal bloating
  • headaches
  • joint & muscle pain
  • flatulence (gas)
  • bad breath
  • abdominal pain
  • fluid retention
  • diarrhea
  • food sensitivities
  • constipation
  • allergy
  • foul smelling stools
  • sugar cravings
  • bowel irritation
  • mental confusion
  • fatigue
  • heartburn
  • malaise


Does Vitaklenz treat Candida?

Vitaklenz is not a long-term or ongoing solution for Candida, but it will kill off any present yeast overgrowth and restore your system's balance. Once clear, it is important to replenish the intestines with live beneficial bacteria. A healthy balance of these “good” bacteria will help keep Candida under control and prevent future outbreaks.

The Genesis Wellness Program combines the highly effective Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser and the Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program as a highly effective treatment of long-term candida infections.

The Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program can be repeated periodically to balance the digestive system and help prevent recurring candida outbreaks.


What is the Recommended dosage of Vitaklenz?

Each bottle of Vitaklenz contains one complete treatment for one adult at the recommended dosage (i.e. 100 capsules @ 3 per day). The length of the treatment (at least one month) is critical to break the lifecycle of the most common targeted organisms.

There are no specific dietary restrictions while using Vitaklenz, however it is recommended that 8 glasses of water be taken daily during the treatment.

Some of our customers have found it beneficial to use a double dose of Vitaklenz as part of their initial treatment. They either take it over 2 months consecutively at the recommended dose, or over one month by doubling the amount of capsules taken (2 caps taken 3 times per day). This is helpful in cases of extreme or very long-term infestation.

Vitaklenz can be repeated every 3 months to help the body remain free of unhealthy organisms.


Does Vitaklenz cause side-effects?

While there are no side-effects to using Vitaklenz, there are certain effects to be experienced with the cleansing effect that this herbal dietary supplement stimulates.

As the parasites are dying off throughout the course of Vitaklenz they temporarily release toxins into the system. The body cleanses out these toxins through it's normal function, but some effects are usually noticed at this time.

Common effects may include nausea, headaches, muscular aches, constipation or diarrhea, and a general unwell feeling. These effects last only a day or two at the most and are actually a positive sign that the treatment is working to eliminate harmful organisms.

If the effects are a little too difficult to persist with then they can often be reduced by cutting back the dosage of Vitaklenz for a short time. This is not recommended though as the overall effectiveness of the treatment may be compromised. Increasing the amount of water you drink at this time can help flush out the toxins and minimise any discomfort you may feel.

As the types of parasites that Vitaklenz eliminates are quite varied, the above effects may be felt more than once throughout the course, particularly if you have not done an anti-parasite treatment before.


Can children take Vitaklenz?

Each bottle of Vitaklenz contains one course for one adult at the recommended dosage (3 caps/day for one month).

Vitaklenz is not routinely recommended for children under 12 at the recommended dose. However, many users of Vitaklenz have reported finding great benefits in administering it in reduced dosages to their younger children.

One regular customer reported that her 7 year old son did very well on Vitaklenz with a reduced dosage of 2 caps per day. She started him off at just one per day and gradually increased his dose up while monitoring any side-effects.

It is important to note that normal use of Vitaklenz will incur some side-effects such as nausea, headaches or a general unwell feeling. This is due to the release of toxins into the blood stream from the dying parasites as they are being cleansed out of the system. These effects can be a little unpleasant, but last only one or two days at the most before the cleansing part of the program is passed.

You might start your younger one on a similar dose to the experience mentioned above and keep a watchful eye on the way the child reacts to the cleansing effects. If he/she seems to handle it OK, a gradual increase in dose may be in order. If however the unpleasant effects are a little too much to handle, consider reducing the dose temporarily. If the effects last four or more days you should consider stopping the treatment.

One physician reported successfully treating infants as young as 12 months old with Vitaklenz. Of course a very reduced dosage was administered and the formula was removed from the capsules prior to giving it to the children (for ease of swallowing). Nevertheless this illustrates the safe and stable nature of the all-natural ingredients.

We cannot guide you beyond these comments as the age, physical size and delicacy of your child's individual constitution all will have a bearing on precisely how much Vitaklenz is the right amount.

It is strongly recommended that should you feel unqualified to monitor your child on this (or indeed any other) treatment that you consult your child's competent health professional. Many qualified personnel are aware of the nature of the ingredients in this herbal preparation and can give you reliable advice in person.

Vitaklenz for Kidz is an effective herbal worming treatment in great-tasting chewable tablets. Vitaklenz for Kidz is suitable for children 2 years of age and up, but many parents have successfully administered reduced dosages (i.e. less than one tablet) to younger children as soon as they can chew.


Can Vitaklenz be taken by pregnant or breast-feeding mothers?

The human body is truly remarkable. It suppresses its own defense mechanisms against parasitic invaders during pregnancy, thereby ensuring that any unborn baby is not targeted and rejected by the body as a harmful organism.

As parasites tend to be opportunistic it is very common for them to take advantage of this time of immunity suppression and infest the mother's system. Hence one of the most common questions we are asked is regarding the use of Vitaklenz either during pregnancy or times of breast-feeding.

Unfortunately we cannot recommend Vitaklenz be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. In fact all responsible manufacturers of Cleansing or Detox treatments caution their customers about using such treatments during these times.

Whether drug-based or herbal, anti-parasitic treatments all contain compounds designed to kill microbial organisms. Effective treatments all involve a prolonged course of administration (usually about 4 weeks) so as to break the lifecycle of the most common parasites. Insufficient tests have been done on the effects of prolonged use of these compounds on infants, so the safety of your baby cannot be guaranteed while using any anti-parasite product.

Nevertheless there are steps you can take to safely combat parasite infestation during these times. Some of these suggestions do involve the use of Vitaklenz.


Will a reduced dosage work?

Vitaklenz contains key elements drawn from its herbal compounds that have been traditionally used to kill parasites. This formula has been specifically engineered to eliminate common parasites at the recommended dosage, i.e. 1 capsule 3 times per day continuously for 30 days (1 bottle = 1 month supply).

The length of the continuous treatment is critical to the success of Vitaklenz - a 30-day treatment effectively breaks the lifecycle of the parasites. Some parasites (especially worms) leave the human body at certain lifecycle stages. This often accounts for an itching sensation around the anus, vulva, nose and ears. A one-month continuous treatment ensures that parasites re-entering the system during this period are also eliminated.

Hence modifying the dosage of Vitaklenz, or interrupting the treatment with shorter-length courses, to cater for the health of an unborn or suckling infant will lower the effectiveness of this product.


What suggestions can work for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers?

Vitaklenz is a blend of herbs that are lethal to parasites but safe to human adults at the recommended dosage - such concentrations could potentially impinge on the health of your unborn or suckling baby.

Nevertheless it is possible to use the anti-parasitic effects of Vitaklenz to interrupt the lifecycle of parasitic worms. Opening the capsules and mixing the ingredients of Vitaklenz with Vaseline (or another non-active topical cream) allows it to be topically applied to areas around the anus and vulva. These are areas commonly used by worms to lay their eggs. The presence of a Vitaklenz application in these areas will discourage the worms from laying eggs there, thus interrupting their breeding cycle.

At the same time an oral administration of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) can be taken to help fight off existing infestations. While not being able to thoroughly eliminate parasites, friendly bacteria contribute to a healthy internal system, which will keep parasites at bay until pregnancy and breast feeding have ceased. Probiotics can usually be safely taken during these times.

Vitaklenz Recharge is a powerful probiotic food supplement specifically designed to be used in conjunction with Vitaklenz. It is quite safe to be used on an ongoing basis during times of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Probiotics may also be used to help control a candida problem, but the other suggestions regarding a topical application of Vitaklenz are not recommended for yeast-related skin problems.

Candida and parasitic problems are common during pregnancy as the body's immune system is suppressed to allow for the presence of an unborn infant. We hope the above information is helpful to you in managing your health during this special time.


How do I store Vitaklenz and Vitaklenz Recharge?

Both Vitaklenz and Vitaklenz Recharge are stable products with a long shelf-life if stored in the right conditions. Before opening Vitaklenz Recharge may be stored in a cool dark place, and will last longer if kept in the refrigerator particularly in the hot summer months. After opening, Vitaklenz Recharge should be refrigerated.

Vitaklenz should ideally be stored out of direct sunlight and will last longer if kept away from extreme heat.


Is Vitaklenz Recharge gluten free?

Strictly speaking Vitaklenz Recharge is not gluten free as it is fermented from grains. However many individuals are gluten intolerant due to their inability to digest the gluten content of their food. Vitaklenz Recharge contains fermented grains, with the resulting gluten content being predigested. It is always wise to consult your health care practitioner if you are gluten intolerant to establish whether you may take Vitaklenz Recharge.


Is Vitaklenz Recharge lactose free?

Yes. None of the fermentation processes used in producing Vitaklenz Recharge use milk or milk products. Vitaklenz Recharge is produced from fermented grains and whole foods.


Is Vitaklenz Recharge certified organic?

Many of the grains and wholefoods in Vitaklenz Recharge are in fact organic. However due to the complicated procedure of actually certifying ingredients as organic at least one of the ingredients has been unable to be verified as being such. We can make no absolute claims that all of the ingredients of Vitaklenz Recharge are fermented from organic wholefoods and grains.


Vitaklenz Recharge serving size & suggestions

Vitaklenz Recharge is good food, pure and simple - have as much or as little as you like. There is no right or wrong way to take this product, whatever fits your diet and lifestyle. We suggest a daily serving size of one teaspoon (5 grams). There are many ways to take Vitaklenz Recharge. Baked in your favourite bread recipe, added in to a fruit smoothie or just mixed with juice, the possibilities are endless. Vitaklenz Recharge has a pleasant “tangy” taste, very unlike other probiotic supplements known for their poor taste.


Can children take Vitaklenz Recharge?

Yes. Vitaklenz Recharge is a natural food and is safe even for babies.


Can Vitaklenz Recharge be taken by pregnant or breast-feeding mothers?

Vitaklenz Recharge is safe to have any time. If you are pregnant, Vitaklenz Recharge is a great food and if you are not pregnant it is also a great food. Many cultures include more of these sorts of fermented foods in the diets of pregnant women.


How do I store Vitaklenz Recharge?

Both Vitaklenz and Vitaklenz Recharge are stable products with a long shelf-life if stored in the right conditions. Before opening Vitaklenz Recharge may be stored in a cool dark place, and will last longer if kept in the refrigerator particularly in the hot summer months. After opening, Vitaklenz Recharge should be refrigerated.

Vitaklenz should ideally be stored out of direct sunlight and will last longer if kept away from extreme heat.


Can Vitaklenz Recharge be used as a starter for yoghurt or bread recipes?

No. Vitaklenz Recharge is specifically designed to work in harmony with the Vitaklenz Detox Recharge 90 Day Program. The balance of live bacteria cultured in this product does not lend itself to starting yoghurt or fermenting bread.


Where can I find more information on parasites and candida?

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