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Product Dosage Instructions


Normal Dosage: 1 cap x 3 times a day. Best taken 15-20 minutes before meals

If a dosage is missed (e.g. lunchtime) it is OK to add the missed dosage prior to another meal (e.g. Dinner)

It is recommended to take at least a 2-month course of Vitaklenz capsules to address the lifecycle of parasites, which can vary from 2 to 3 weeks to several months

Dr. Barber (formulator of Vitaklenz) has suggested that in the case of diagnosed parasite infestation, systemic Candida, Thrush or bacterial infections, the dosage can be doubled (2 caps x 3 times a day) for the first bottle, followed by a 2nd bottle at the normal dosage



Dosage according to age:

  • 2-4 yrs = 1 to 2 tablets a day
  • 4-8 yrs = 2 to 3 tablets a day
  • 8 & over = 3 to 4 tablets a day

Children aged 10-12 can either take the Vitaklenz for Kidz or take the adult formula at a reduced dosage of 2 caps/day Get child to drink a glass of water/juice immediately after swallowing the chewed tablets to take away any residual bitter taste



Best taken after completion of Vitaklenz course (The Vitaklenz herbs may negate effect of probiotic)

One teaspoon a day – Best taken mixed with water/juice/milk just prior to going to bed

Children can also take Vitaklenz Recharge (to assist replacing healthy bacteria that may have been lost in the cleansing process). Adjust dosage in accordance with age. (Use weight as a guide)



One teaspoon a day taken on a full stomach. Best taken either during or immediately after evening meal

Due to salty or bitter tastes (attributed to the rich levels of Magnesium, potassium and other minerals) it is best to pour the contents of the teaspoon into a glass filled with just 2cm of water/juice, swallowed quickly and chase with a fresh glass of water/juice (1 teaspoon is equivalent to the filled bottle cap)

Sea minerals are an excellent supplement for children as this will enhance their learning abilities and boost their immune system. Suggested dosages:

  • 6 months to 6 yrs = One drop for each year of age PLUS one drop. (E.g. 1yr old = 2 drops, 4 yrs old = 5 drops)
  • 6yrs to 10 yrs = Half a teaspoon
  • 10 yrs + = One teaspoon a day

More than one teaspoon a day can be taken (will help fight off any health problems). For instance one teaspoon could be taken with lunch and another at Dinner. If the extra dosages induces diarrhoea, reduce the dosage as this is an indication that you are taking more than the body requires



Use very sparingly (Place a small amount on palm of one hand – then rub both hands together and apply)

OK to use on face – avoid getting into eyes

Will sting if applied to open lesions – but is not harmful

Helps to overcome any skin problems (best in combination with Supaboost Sea Minerals)

Best applied in evening before going to bed

Can be applied as often as required



Drip small amount of balm onto specific area of pain and gently rub in

Apply first to small area of skin on or near pain area to test if there is any reaction such as stinging

Massage gently into effected area such as temples, forehead, behind ears and neck to relieve headaches (Avoid eye contact)

Wash hands after use to avoid possible contact with eyes



Same application instructions as Jungle Balm

Although the massage cream can be used on it’s own it is best used in conjunction with Jungle Balm. After applying the neat balm to the specific pain area, massage softly over the general area

This cream contains the same ingredients as Exotic Nourishing cream, with added Jungle Balm, effectively nourishing the skin whilst relieving pain

Test on small area of skin fist to test for any reactions such as stinging

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