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Treating Long Term Pinworm Infection

I am not one to rave about anything, I am just so relieved after trying everthing to get rid of pinworms. Over the counter and prescription treatments; someone recommended Noxema to rub on your rectum, suggesting that the eucalyptus in Noxema kills worms - none of these methods worked for me. I could still feel them.

I tried clove oil as a rub and that did get rid of the external symptoms, but you can't keep this up for long because it burns your skin.

Thank goodness the prescription pinworm medicine I was taking was discontinued and taken off the market, or I would never have tried this alternative. It worked. You can't imagine my relief - sleeping again.

Anyway the basics are that you take Vitaklenz 3 times daily for 1 month (Vitaklenz for Kidz for children - dosage per age). The reason Vitaklenz works is that it apparently kills the adult pinworms AND the eggs that are in your body. If you take it for a month, that is longer than the 3 weeks that pinworm eggs can live outside the body (i.e. around your house, etc). Since they can't hatch into worms outside a body they are eradicated.

(Of course there is still the danger of picking them up again at school and elsewhere, but now we know how to kill them off.)

In contrast to VitaKlenz, the pinworm medicines are incredibly toxic to take, which is why they cannot be taken daily like VitaKlenz, and all of the pinworm medicines only kill the adult worms, not the eggs. It is very difficult to break the lifecycle of pinworms before they start coming out and laying eggs (10,000 eggs per day per female pinworm). We took prescription mebendezole for 8 weeks straight and thought the worms were gone - and then they were back again. Boy, do they know how to survive!

There were two other suggestions that the people at Genesis made that I followed while we were on the Vitaklenz as a family:

1. I used a ¼ of a garlic clove as a suppository well coated in oil to avoid it irritating your skin. Apparently the garlic disturbs the worms where they exit to lay their eggs at night. For me the garlic suppository worked well to stop them coming out to breed at all.

2. I ate pumpkin seeds as a snack. Apparently pumpkin seeds were used effectively by native Americans to get rid of worms and parasites in their children. It is in the Vitkalenz, too.

Of course we also did some spring cleans around the house, and kept up our usual routine of bathing, keeping fingernails trimmed, etc to help prevent re-infection.

We were told that in bad cases Vitaklenz could be used up to 3 months consecutively (but not more) as the ingredients are natural compounds to help the body kill off parasites and worms. (They suggested that I could repeat Vitaklenz or Vitaklenz for Kidz once or twice per year without symptoms being present to keep clear just in case, but maybe that was just a marketing angle.)

I know Vitaklenz is not FDA-regulated or a prescription medicine, but their website had the clearest, most intelligent discussion of the pinworm lifecycle and how to beat it that I have found. This is a useful resource of information. It helped me get to the cause of our problems. SB, California, February 2012.

Vitaklenz and Thrush (Candida albicans yeast).

“For about 6 years our daughter A. has suffered with thrush in her vagina. Despite a special diet, trying various creams suggested by our family doctor, also antibiotics as prescribed by a gynecologist, A. has been miserable with the constant itching and soreness that comes with this condition.

“After using Vitaklenz for 2 months the problem has cleared completely. A. no longer needs to stay on a special diet. “We are really happy with the results of using Vitaklenz. We intend putting A. on the month’s course of Vitaklenz each 6 months as well as using a probiotic and Seaminerals.

“Many thank yous with grateful appreciation that you brought Vitaklenz and other products to our attention as these, with the resulting success, has given A. a happier quality of life.” B & G. - Sunshine Coast QLD Australia Sept, 2004


Vitaklenz and Detox

“A friend of mine recommended Vitaklenz. When I first approached your company for information I was told that there may be some minor effects from toxins being released during the treatment for eradicating parasites. You mentioned that some clients have experienced slight dizziness, nausea and headaches for a short period of time.

“The fact caught my attention as my business is in the detoxifying industry. After having my clients use Vitaklenz for 2 months, I can now confirm that my clients who are using Vitaklenz have unanimously commented that the detox process has been noticeably enhanced.

"We have also noticed that the toxins released are visible through the clear “booties” we put on our clients. Vitaklenz really does assist in detoxifying the body from the inside.

“We have great faith in your product and recommend Vitaklenz to other professionals in the health and skin care industry. Although our principal interest in stocking Vitaklenz was to enhance our Detox program, I must admit that profit from the sales of Vitaklenz has contributed greatly to our cash flow.” KG. - Bellingen NSW Australia Aug, 2004


More about Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser

Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser is available now


Vitaklenz and Parasites

“After being diagnosed with parasites 18 months ago by a Naturopath I have had continual treatment with 6 types of herbal products, but my level of parasite infection was still 80 percent.

“Within one week of starting treatment with Vitaklenz my energy level had increased dramatically and the swelling / pain in my joints had disappeared. After 2 weeks of treatment dead tapeworms were visible in the toilet. After 4 weeks of treatment my level of parasite infection was NIL.

“I recommend your product highly to anyone with parasite problems.” KR. - Buderim QLD Australia June 2004


Vitaklenz and Foot Fungus

“I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the UNEXPECTED benefits I have received from a two-month course of Vitaklenz. My purpose in beginning the program was for general health, however towards the end of the first month I noticed my toenails looking remarkably better.

“Prior to this I had a progressive fungus which caused the toenails to thicken and flake and, worse still, split almost the full length of three of the toenails. Also I have four ingrown toenails.

“At the end of the first month the base of all the toenails began looking pink and healthy, and [there was] no pain from the ingrown toenails. This was enough for me to be encouraged to continue the treatment to keep the improvement going whilst the nails grew out. After the second month the improvement was evident to others not just myself.

“I am so happy at this improvement as the podiatrist said the only way for me to get rid of this fungus problem was to treat the nails twice a day for one year. The thought of putting a chemical on my toenails twice a day was a negative aspect. Also I would forget [the application] often which extended the program or perhaps nullify [it].

“I will be pleased to recommend Vitaklenz to anyone for general health, but the surprise factor of a long standing problem unexpectedly addressed is the cherry on top.” CW. - Bribie Island QLD Australia Sept, 2004.


Vitaklenz and Acid Reflux

“I tried Vitaklenz as directed and was pleasantly surprised at the results I received. This product did more than I ever expected.

“Within seven days my acid reflux disease was cured. I have had it for 5 years and was prescribed daily medications for the problem. Thank you so much for your wonderful products.” R.B. - Panama City Florida USA April 2005


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Vitaklenz is available now


Vitaklenz and Thrush

“I never thought that I would be sitting here and writing to thank you for such a brilliant product. I’ve read testimonials for other different products in the past and have always been skeptical and thought that they may might be a hoax. But I honestly thank the day that I found your product … I knew that I’d found a company that truly cared and were striving to help people affected by this dreadful ailment.

“After a miscarriage, I began suffering from the thrush infection that I thought I had beaten years ago. I didn’t relish the idea of going back to the messy creams and pessaries like Canisten and Nilstat which really only ever makes the infection gradually more worse before masking the problem, and then comes back with a vengeance a few weeks later.

“I consulted doctor after doctor who prescribed the same creams, and even tablets that you take which I have since found out can be hazardous to the liver. My problem was getting increasingly worse, burning pain and the most unbearable itch. It got to the point where it wasn’t just affecting me, it was affecting my family. Here I was, fighting a yeast infection that was making me more and more miserable. I became snappy and irritable.

“I started an anti-candida diet which is absolutely ridiculous. I couldn’t eat fruits and breads, couldn’t touch any alcohol, and anything with yeast or sugar was completely out. I had to take a daily dose of acidophilus. I also found that I always seemed to have itchy ears despite cleaning them on a daily basis.

“I noticed a difference after about 1 week with my general health and well-being. I think I just felt fresher. Since then, approx. 9 months ago, I have not looked back. I have not had thrush at all, and I can eat what I want and drink what I want. A door has opened for me to be able to enjoy life at its fullest.” KS. - Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. Feb, 2004


Vitaklenz and Worms

“My kids seemed to suffer from worms every few months. It was so frustrating! I would dose them up on the drugs from the pharmacy, their itching would go away, and then [after] a couple of months it would start all over again. Feeding my children on these drugs so regularly was a real concern to me.

“A friend put me onto Vitaklenz. I was initially a bit worried as my youngest is only 7. I started him off on just one capsule per day though, and then gradually introduced a second one after the first week. He did fine on this.

“After a full treatment of Vitaklenz – guess what? No more symptoms of worms. Vitaklenz seems like a great safe alternative to the drugs we used to use.” CC. - Central Coast NSW Australia Feb, 2004


More about Vitaklenz for Kidz

Vitaklenz for Kidz is available now


Vitaklenz and Parasites

“I’ve been taking Vitaklenz since November 21, 2003. I’ve tried many things to get rid of parasites. Chinese herbs, garlic and coffee colon cleanses, changed my diet to no alcohol, yeast, red meat, dairy and caffeine together with using Colloidal Minerals. None of these methods proved as effective as Vitaklenz.

“I used to feel biting, pulling, twisting in my uterus and ovaries. I was to the point where I was going to have surgery.

“The initial read out showed four major parasites, i.e. Ollulanus Tricuspis worm, Protostrongylus Ovatus, Hydatigera Taeniaeformis, and Anoplocephala Magna. All of these parasites are gone now, except the H. Taeniaeformis, which is significantly weaker today than two months ago. Thanks!” VS. - Brooklyn New York USA Jan, 2004

Note: Ollulanus Tricuspis is a roundworm, and Hydatigera Taeniaeformis is a tapeworm - both common to cats. Protostrongylus is a lungworm commonly found in sheep, goats, African antelope and deer. Anoplocephala is a tapeworm found in horses. The medical community continues to deny that these parasites are able to infest humans. - Ed.


Weed, Seed & Feed

Many years ago, while still an aspiring Naturopath, I decided to study the effects of parasites on the human body, as well as the toxic environments in which they flourish. Little did I realise that embarking on such a study was really lifting the lid off a huge “can or worms” (pardon the pun)! Since then I have focussed on both learning and sharing knowledge on the many unwelcome guests that invade our bodies.

My research indicates that parasites effect more than 85% of the population. Most parasites are highly infectious, inhabiting nearly every area of the human body. If left untreated they can be extremely difficult to eradicate, causing many health problems and mimicking other conditions. Because of this many people are misdiagnosed and treated with inappropriate medications that can exacerbate the problem.

Parasites are easy to contract. Touching a door, sharing a keyboard, eating out at your favourite restaurant – these are all ways that parasites can cross-contaminate. Kissing, passing a pencil, playing with your pets. Normal everyday life occurrences give parasites an opportunity to move from one person to another.

Parasites are intelligent, too. Their greatest skill is to survive and reproduce without you even knowing they are there.

One of my great challenges over the years has been to find an effective anti-parasite formula that doesn’t taste repulsive and which minimises the nasty cleansing side-effects. Getting children to take liquid formulas is particularly difficult due to the extreme bitterness of the herbs commonly used to eliminate parasites.

How fortunate I was to discover the Vitaklenz range. Both the adult formula (in vegan capsules) and the pleasant tasting Vitaklenz for Kidz (chewable tablets) have proved highly effective in eradicating all sorts of parasites. They are convenient for my patients to take, with no special diets needed to make the formulas work. I have prescribed these products to many of my patients now with extremely good results.

The herbs in Vitaklenz are excellent for eradicating the entire spectrum of parasites, including the eggs. This simplifies the treatment options and promotes a thorough cleanse, all good news for my patients.

Vitaklenz is also highly effective in combination with Genesis Sea Minerals SupaBoost. This holistic “wellness” approach eradicates intestinal and blood-born parasites while at the same time feeding the body’s cells with the full spectrum of ocean-derived ionic minerals and trace elements. Vitaklenz Recharge is the ideal probiotic option to round out this program.

This wellness program, incorporating the time-honoured “weed, seed & feed” philosophy, provides great relief to patients with yeast overgrowth such as Candida and thrush.

I thoroughly recommend the Vitaklenz range to my fellow practitioners as a highly effective and complete parasite cleanse. I just wish I’d come across it before!Erica Kucera, ND. July, 2006

Note: The Genesis Wellness Program comprises the Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser to be followed immediately by the Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program - Ed.



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More about Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program

Both of these programs are available now


Vitaklenz and Vaginal Thrush

I was about 5 years old when I first remember having thrush and with my upbringing this went unchecked till I was 15 and was diagnosed with cysts on my fallopian tubes.

I had to have an operation to remove the cysts and it was then that I was informed that the continual thrush had damaged my tubes and weakened my womb to the point where I may not possibly carry a child. Whist in hospital I was in a ward with a gypsy woman who encouraged me to clean myself every day with sea salt melted in warm water. This I did every day for at least 4 years.

I was treated for thrush from there in the usual manner with creams and even put on a strict diet where wheat was not consumed.

I continued to have this complaint for many years and the only time that I got any relief was when I was actually pregnant. This was no comfort for as soon as I fell pregnant I had other complications to deal with because of the weakness in my womb. I miscarried many times but eventually after much distress and prayer I was blessed with 3 beautiful children.

This again put a huge strain on my womb and a hysterectomy followed the birth of my last child. Still I was dealing with thrush on a monthly basis, dealing also with a fatigue problem and a general feeling of not being well.

I was told it was because of possibly a blood disorder, that I was a lazy person, that I was depressed, that I should get a job, that I should get a hobby or anything else the doctors could say because they didn’t know how to treat me or what was actually wrong with me. Believing this was obviously my lot in life, I enjoyed my motherhood, my work and my family.

To my dismay, both my daughters contracted thrush and I remember just crying, knowing that they too can possibly go through what I went through.

Some friends told me about a product that would rid my body of parasites. I thought, “sounds good, why not give it a go? I may have parasites”. I treated us all thinking it would be better to treat the whole family because of cross infection.

With my limited knowledge on the subject I was not aware of associating thrush with parasites, so I took the required 5 month course.

To my disbelief, I didn’t have thrush anymore and this went on month after month. Unheard of for me. My fatigue was eliminated. And I felt like a normal person should feel. I had boundless energy (the cleanest house in the street, till I got used to the fact that I had energy and started using it to live - not to do housework). An ache in my right calf was totally gone and I could go on long walks again. I felt that I was apart of life again.

My daughters have also not had thrush since their treatment.

In May 2006 I had an extensive shoulder operation which required tremendous amount of anti-biotics, so on returning home I started on Vitaklenz again. I was thinking the month supply I had would be enough.

Late August and the feeling just before you get a bout of thrush is happening, so I know that I will have to do the 5 month course again. I don’t care. I will do anything to be free of thrush again. If you had ever for a moment experienced thrush, you would know what a blessing Vitaklenz, Recharge and Supaboost are. I speak to many women and whenever possible tell them about these products.

I wish doctors and practitioners would take this story on board and help the countless women out there that have not yet received an answer to their prayers. There are many out there still looking to professionals for help and in some cases being misdiagnosed or worse…….being given no hope as to an end to this horrific condition.

After 38 years….I am free. Mrs D. W. Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. July, 2006


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More about Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program

Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser & Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program are available now


Vitaklenz and Multiple Sensitivities

About 7 years ago our family had lived on a property for 9 years. Then I became exposed to chemicals emanating from a local business which had just moved into our locality.

It took only 6 weeks for the health problems to start.

As I seem to fix one health problem, another one would start up somewhere else, first of all only things showing in blood tests. High C reactive protein and slightly high white blood count showed up in these tests. This eventually set off multiple chemical sensitivities, that is, allergies to almost everything around me. It also set off gout which is what another neighbor also got.

Then it turned to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was also hallucinating sometimes. I saw psychiatrists who said I did not need anti-depressants . I wanted answers – no doctors had them. I saw lots of doctors and specialists. I was given cortisone for the pain. Pain I could not live with.

Every time I stopped the cortisone, the pain returned. I then worked out that the cause of my problems was around me. I was able to work out that the only thing that had changed in my life was the business which had moved in next door.

I went to see a local doctor who accidentally told me she had another patient with similar allergies, only that she was exposed to small amounts of contamination around her.

I started reading and research. I decided to sell our property so that my family could regain our health.


Initially I tried the conventional route. The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney, Australia) put me on an elimination diet and told me just to avoid chemicals. This approach didn't work. I then went on a special diet to reduce pain.

Then I went to a Homeopath. This was better. I was given vitamins and minerals and my condition improved. But I still had a long way to go.

The next step was to try a number of Naturopaths. I took whatever they could give me. This was also helpful, but didn't wipe out my problem.

Four years on my life changed when I read a book by Dr Hulda Clarke called: "Parasites - The Hidden Cause of Many Diseases". This book identified unhealthy organisms such as worms, bacteria, funguses and viruses, along with pollution, as an underlying cause of many diseases.

went straight to the health store and bought their worming kit. This was only a basic cleanser for the intestines, and yet I noticed the results straight away. My arthritis pain started to disappear. Although my worst sensitivities were not back to normal, I knew I was on the right track. I was also doing allergy elimination for sugar and chemicals from her book. These combined treatments almost brought me back to health, but still not as I should have been.

The hunt was on for a more complete cleanser. My search took me to Vitaklenz. This is a comprehensive parasite cleanse and detox treatment. The Vitaklenz system also includes the use of Vitaklenz Recharge probiotic and sea minerals in a complete wellness program.

Vitaklenz is the best thing I have ever found.

I took Vitaklenz for 8 weeks (2 consecutive courses) and the results were dramatic. Worms in the toilet bowel! 16 large ones and countless smaller ones.

I found that the Recharge probiotic helped put back good bacteria to maintain a healthy digestive system and the ionic sea minerals helped to build up my immune system.

In all my research I have never found such a complete wellness program. Genesis calls this program a Weed, Seed and Feed program. I found that this program also eliminated worms which were attached to my internal organs.

The results?

Vitaklenz cleared up all the chemicals sensitivities still remaining.

Blood tests only proved this. My CRP and RF readings all went back to normal levels (CRP reduced 12 points). I still have all these blood test reports.

Even some pre-existing conditions unexpectedly cleared up.

I had been suffering from Vaginal Thrush since I was a child. The Vitaklenz program cleared it up for the first time. Unbelievable!

For 23 years I had been on conventional drugs for low thyroid function. Now no longer needed. I came to understand that this was a different approach to addressing my health issues

And now I am back working again - coming into regular contact with substances like formaldehyde and petrochemicals. All this from a person that was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome a few years back. Who would have thought?

My health problems are not yet over. There is still the giant battle with diabetes that confronts me. But what a relief to have all these other problems removed. Now I have my body back so all my energies can be focused on fully regaining my health.

To think that pollution and unhealthy organisms were at the heart of so many complications in my health!

Forgive me if my enthusiasm gets the better of me in retelling my story. For years I wasted time and money on treatments that were not getting to the cause of all of these problems. No one ever seemed to have the answers.

Then I read Dr [Hulda] Clarke's book and found the Vitaklenz range. The results have been staggering.

I think I have a reason to be excited.

I am totally convinced that families should undertake this wellness concept to avoid re-infection between family members. This should help everyone to live a normal healthy life. Mrs K B Castle Hill NSW Australia

More about Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser

More about Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program

Vitaklenz 60 Day Cleanser & Vitaklenz Detox/Recharge 90 Day Program are available now




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